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  Senri Ethnological Reports (SER)

The purpose of Senri Ethnological Reports is to support rapid reporting of individual, inter-university, and core research projects. The journal includes multiple- and single-author reports on specific ethnic groups, regions and themes, collection records, and raw field data. Any language can be used, and the series is irregular (usually about six issues per year). All contributions are reviewed by a museum editorial committee.

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  List of Issues

no.129 Asian Museums and Museology 2014 : International Workshop on Asian Museums and Museology in Thailand   (2015-03-30)
no.128 The Cultural Heritage of Buryats, Evenks and Semeyskiye   (2015-03-27)
no.127 Aspects of Leader-Worship in Modern Societies   (2015-03-25)
no.126 バウィナンガ・アボリジナル組合の議事録(1978~1994)から見る対アボリジニ政策とインフラ整備の歴史 : マニングリダと周辺アウトステーションの活動史   (2015-02-27)
no.125 Asian Museums and Museology 2013 : International Research Meeting on Museology in Myanmar   (2015-02-26)
no.124 The Diary of Hisakatsu Hijikata(Ⅴ)   (2014-12-25)
no.123 Некоторые археологические находки Монголо-советской экспедиции под руководством С.В. Киселева   (2014-12-24)
no.122 Umesao Tadao’s Cards of Romanized Japanese : Fieldwork in Inner Mongolia, 1944-45   (2014-11-07)
no.121 Mongolia’s Transition from Socialism to Capitalism : Four Views   (2014-09-10)
no.120 Healing Alternatives : Care and Education as a Cultural Lifestyle   (2014-09-05)
no.119 Oral Histories of Buryats in China : Their Trans-border Experiences   (2014-06-10)
no.118 Human Rights and Support for Stateless People around the World: Japan’s Role   (2014-03-31)
no.117 Crops, Man, and Life in the Central Andes   (2014-03-24)
no.116 Research on Dialects of the Oroqen Language in China   (2014-03-05)
no.115 The Practice of Buddhism in Kharkhorin and its Revival   (2013-11-29)
no.114 An Oral History of the Torgud People   (2013-06-28)
no.113 Mongolian Buddhist Culture   (2013-03-29)
no.112 Development Trajectories for Mongolian Women in and after Transition   (2013-03-28)
no.111 Umesao Tadao’s Mongolian Fieldwork Sketchbook   (2013-03-27)
no.110 State-run Farms in Mongolia   (2013-02-01)
no.109 Cultural Resources and Ethnic Groups in Southwest China   (2013-01-25)
no.108 The Diary of Hisakatsu Hijikata(Ⅳ)   (2012-12-10)
no.107 A Herder, a Trader, and a Lawyer : Three Twentieth-Century Mongolian Leaders   (2012-10-31)
no.106 Local Communities in the Information Age   (2012-08-31)
no.105 Buddhist Fire Ritual in Japan   (2012-03-30)
no.104 Pre-modern Visualisations of Ethnos and Race in East Asia   (2012-03-26)
no.103 Dynamics of Cultural Phenomena in Local Societies of Madagascar   (2012-03-23)
no.102 Toward a Society without Environmetal Handicaps   (2012-03-16)
no.101 Altai Uriankhains : Historical and Ethnographical Investigation Late XIX - Early XX centuries   (2012-03-15)
no.100 The Diary of Hisakatsu Hijikata(Ⅲ)   (2011-11-30)
no.099 Research Notes on the Zhangzhung Language by Frederick W. Thomas at the British Library (Bon Studies 14)   (2011-03-22)
no.098 ТӨВД-МОНГОЛ ИХ ТОЛЬ БИЧИГ   (2011-03-18)
no.097 海洋環境保全の人類学 : 沿岸水域利用と国際社会   (2011-03-01)
no.096 Socialist Devotees and Dissenters : Three Twentieth-Century Mongolian Leaders   (2011-02-08)
no.095 Bonpo Thangkas from Rebkong (Bon Studies 13)   (2011-01-11)
no.094 The Diary of Hisakatsu Hijikata(Ⅱ)   (2010-10-29)
no.093 Une version rgyalrong de l’épopée de Gesar : Gyalrong Studies 1   (2010-07-01)
no.092 ТУВА ВЕК СПУСТЯ ПОСЛЕ Каррутерса и Менхен-Хельфена   (2010-05-25)
no.091 ОДИН НАРОД : ТРИ СУДЬБЫ   (2010-04-30)
no.090 人類学的比較再考   (2010-03-31)
no.089 The Diary of Hisakatsu Hijikata(Ⅰ)   (2010-02-26)
no.088 Аннот. каталог архивных материалов по бурятскому шаманизму   (2009-10-26)
no.087 Palauan Children under Japanese Rule: Their Oral Histories   (2009-10-20)
no.086 梅棹忠夫著作目録(1934-2008)   (2009-06-01)
no.085 健康・医療・身体・生殖に関する医療人類学の応用学的研究   (2009-03-31)
no.084 ドメスティケーション ―その民族生物学的研究―   (2009-03-31)
no.083 Immigrants, Local Communities and the States: Transitions in Asia and Europe   (2009-03-31)
no.082 渡鴉(ワタリガラス)のアーチ(1903-2002)―ジェサップ北太平洋調査を追試検証する {no.082   (2009-03-31)
no.081 An Anthropology of the Street Volume 2   (2009-03-31)
no.080 An Anthropology of the Street Volume 1   (2009-03-31)
no.079 A Lexicon of the rGyalrong bTsanlha Dialect : rGyalrong-Chinese-Tibetan-English   (2009-01-22)
no.078 Perspectives of Postsocialist Anthropology through Japanese Eyes   (2008-12-26)
no.077 Transnational Migration in East Asia-Japan in a Comparative Focus   (2008-03-31)
no.076 A Lexicon of Zhangzhung and Bonpo Terms (Bon Studies 11)   (2008-03-21)
no.075 (改訂版)Works about Mongolia and for Mongolia Vol 3 (part 2)   (2008-03-21)
no.075 Works about Mongolia ... V3-2   (2008-03-21)
no.074 (改訂版)Works about Mongolia and for Mongolia Vol 3 (part 1)   (2008-03-14)
no.074 Works about Mongolia ... V3-1   (2008-03-14)
no.073 Forum on the Disaster Impact and Restoration ...   (2007-12-14)
no.072 The Twentieth Century in Mongolia 2 : Political Life in Socialist Mongolia   (2007-08-28)
no.071 The Twentieth century in Mongolia 2   (2007-08-28)
no.070 Genealogies of the chiefly families of Tai Dam in Vietnam   (2007-05-10)
no.069 Korea in Globalization : Dynamic Intertwining of the Domestic and the Overseas   (2007-03-30)
no.068 Life culture through daily-use articles   (2007-03-26)
no.067 (改訂版)Works about Mongolia and for Mongolia Vol 2   (2007-02-22)
no.067 Works about Mongolia and for Mongolia Vol 2   (2007-02-22)
no.066 (改訂版)Works about Mongolia and for Mongolia Vol 1   (2007-02-19)
no.066 Works about Mongolia and for Mongolia Vol 1   (2007-02-19)
no.065 Authenticity and Cultural Identity- Performing Arts in Southeast Asia   (2007-01-11)
no.064 Presenting `Multiethnic Japan' : a Special Exhibition   (2006-12-28)
no.063 Cultural Dynamics among Ethnic groups in Border areas ...   (2006-12-27)
no.062 Anthropological Studies of Christianity and Civilization   (2006-10-10)
no.061 Building a Sustainable Relationship between Cultural Heritage Management and   (2006-03-22)
no.060 Bonpo Thangkas from Khyungpo (Bon Studies 10)   (2006-02-28)
no.059 Polynesian Cultures and Societies in the Days of James Cook   (2006-02-24)
no.058 Baseline Survey of the Health and Food ...   (2005-12-26)
no.057 Feast of the Morning Light (Bon Studies 9)   (2005-12-12)
no.056 Program Development for an Education in Intercultural ...   (2005-08-04)
no.055 Prof. Tatsuhiko Fujii Retirement Commemoration Symposium   (2005-05-30)
no.054 SYMPOSIUM AFRICA 2001 : Representing African Art and Cultures   (2005-03-30)
no.053 International Symposium : New Horizons in Paper Conservation   (2004-12-28)
no.052 Культурное наследие нивхов   (2004-12-08)
no.051 Current Status and Issues of Cultural Heritage Management and Tourism   (2004-03-29)
no.050 The Dynamics of Cultures and Society among Ethnic Minorities ...   (2004-03-29)
no.049 Research Writing in Japan - Cultural, Personal and Practical Perspectives   (2004-02-27)
no.048 The Eternal Cycle - Ecology, Worldview and Ritual of Reindeer Herders of Northern Kamchatka   (2004-02-23)
no.047 Music: the Cultural Context   (2004-02-19)
no.046 An Anthropological Study of lndigenous Use and Management of Marine Resources   (2003-12-26)
no.045 北部カメルーン・フルベ族の民間説話 ─ アーダマーワ地方とベヌエ地方の話 ─   (2003-12-26)
no.044 2002 Seoul Style : Evaluation of the Study and Exhibition   (2003-12-26)
no.043 Tradición popular : Arte y religión de los pueblos del norte del Perú   (2003-11-28)
no.042 The Twentieth Century in Mongolia : Interviews About the Way to Socialism   (2003-10-25)
no.041 The Twentieth Century in Mongolia   (2003-10-25)
no.040 A Catalogue of the Bon Kanjur (Bon Studies 8)   (2003-08-29)
no.039 Current Status and Issues of Studies in Endangered Languages   (2003-06-30)
no.038 A Survey of Bonpo Monasteries and Temples in Tibet and the Himalaya (Bon Studies 7)   (2003-03-28)
no.037 Tourism and Gender   (2003-03-14)
no.036 Synthetic Materials and the Museum Object   (2003-02-28)
no.035 Using Multimedia in Ethnology   (2003-02-10)
no.034 Hunter-Gatherer Societies as Open Systems   (2002-12-20)
no.033 New Perspectives on the Study of Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Cultures   (2002-12-20)
no.032 The Call of the Blue Cuckoo (Bon Studies 6)   (2002-11-13)
no.031 Anthropological Studies of the Gospel and Civilization   (2002-10-15)
no.030 青海省モンゴル族民俗文化における資料とその解釈   (2002-10-15)
no.029 Musical Instruments of Cambodia   (2002-03-29)
no.028 Global Digital Museum (GDM) for Museum Education on the Internet   (2002-03-15)
no.027 Ndaa Biy Marva'en : The Narrative of a Giziga Pastor   (2002-02-28)
no.026 Educational Programs and Volunteer Activities ...   (2002-02-28)
no.025 A Catalogue of the New Collection of Bonpo Katen Texts ─ Indices (Bon Studies 5)   (2001-10-25)
no.024 A Catalogue of the New Collection of Bonpo Katen Texts (Bon Studies 4)   (2001-10-19)
no.023 Advanced Studies on Ecotourism   (2001-09-05)
no.022 Transcending Boundaries : Asian Musics in North America   (2001-03-30)
no.021 Advanced Studies on Heritage Tourism   (2001-03-30)
no.020 Dynamics of the Ethnic Cultures and the State in China   (2001-03-30)
no.019 New Research on Zhangzhung and Related Himalayan Languages (Bon Studies 3)   (2001-03-28)
no.018 Desde afuera y desde adentro : Ensayos de etnografia e historia del Cuzco y Apurimac   (2000-12-05)
no.017 Landnutzung und Historische Rahmenbedingungen in der Ausseren Mongolei / Mongolischen Volksrepublik (1691-1940)   (2000-10-31)
no.016 Studies on the Technological Innovation ...   (2000-10-27)
no.015 New Horizons in Bon Studies (Bon Studies 2)   (2000-07-28)
no.014 Representation of Korean Culture in Japan   (2000-07-24)
no.013 Speaking for Life and Death : Warfare and Compensation among the Duna of Papua New Guinea   (2000-06-28)
no.012 Mandalas of the Bon Religion (Bon Studies 1)   (2000-02-29)
no.011 ZUM ČINGGIS-QAΓAN-KULT   (1999-07-30)
no.010 Studies on the George Brown Collection   (1999-03-26)
no.009 Historia, religion y ritual de los pueblos ayacuchanos   (1998-12-25)
no.008 Cultural Change and Interactive Dynamics among Ethnic Groups in China   (1998-09-25)
no.007 An Introduction to Altan Bičig   (1998-03-23)
no.006 Catalog of The Sinoda Collections at the National Museum of Ethnology: Suppl.   (1998-03-20)
no.005 La Tradicion Andina en Tiempos Modernos   (1996-03-28)
no.004 Dictionnaire peul-francais   (1996-01-16)
no.003 トルグート・モンゴル : ホボクサイル地域の集団を中心に   (1995-03-24)
no.002 Five Hundred Buddhist Deities   (1995-03-03)
no.001 Possessão e Procissão : Religiosidade Popular no Brazil   (1994-06-20)


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