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31-Mar-1993 An Observation on the Genesis and Development of Tibeto-Burman Tones Dai, Qingxia; 戴, 慶厦
17-Jul-1995 Jinghpo Prefixes : Their Classification, Origins, for General Morphology Dai, Qingxia; Wu, Hede
27-Feb-2004 仙仁土家语濒危现象个案研究 戴, 庆厦; Dai, Qingxia; 田, 静; Tian, Jing
8-Mar-2004 仙岛语濒危趋势个案研究 戴, 庆厦; Dai, Qingxia; 王, 朝晖; Wang, Chaohui
18-Sep-2009 The Application of Substrate Theory in Research on the Ethnic Languages of China Dai, Qingxia; 戴, 慶厦


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