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Publication dayTitleAuthor(s)
26-Mar-2012 コメントと討論 笹原, 亮二; Sasahara, Ryoji; ササハラ, リョウジ
26-Mar-2012 総合討論 -
27-Mar-2012 SES no.077; Cover, contents, and others -
27-Mar-2012 Introduction Nakamura, Wataru; 中村, 渉; ナカムラ, ワタル
27-Mar-2012 A Head-Marking Grammar for Applicative Constructions Yasugi, Yoshiho; 八杉, 佳穂; ヤスギ, ヨシホ
27-Mar-2012 Ditransitive Applicative Constructions: Synchronic Typology and Diachronic Continuum Nakamura, Wataru; 中村, 渉; ナカムラ, ワタル
27-Mar-2012 Applicatives in Standard Indonesian Shiohara, Asako; 塩原, 朝子; シオハラ, アサコ
27-Mar-2012 Goal Voice and Conveyance Voice of Seediq Tsukida, Naomi; 月田, 尚美; ツキダ, ナオミ
27-Mar-2012 A Short Typology of Applicative Constructions in Papua New Guinea Nose, Masahiko; 野瀬, 昌彦; ノセ, マサヒコ
27-Mar-2012 Optional Ergative Marking and the Emergence of Passive Structures in Austronesian Languages Kikusawa, Ritsuko; 菊澤, 律子; キクサワ, リツコ
27-Mar-2012 On a Middle Voice Suffi x in Kinnauri (Pangi dialect) Takahashi, Yoshiharu; 高橋, 慶治; タカハシ, ヨシハル
27-Mar-2012 An Outline of Valency-Reducing Operations in Chukchi Kurebito, Tokusu; 呉人, 徳司; クレビト, トクス
27-Mar-2012 Sentence Initial Elements and Subject in Upper Sorbian Sasahara, Ken; 笹原, 健; ササハラ, ケン
27-Mar-2012 Object in Cusco Quechua Ebina, Daisuke; 蝦名, 大助; エビナ, ダイスケ
27-Mar-2012 Version and Object Marking in Georgian Verbs Kojima, Yasuhiro; 児島, 康宏; コジマ, ヤスヒロ
30-Mar-2012 SER no.105; Cover, and others -
30-Mar-2012 Buddhist Fire Ritual in Japan Kolhatkar, Madhavi; コラトカル, マダヴィ; Tachikawa, Musashi; 立川, 武蔵
30-Mar-2012 SES no.078; Cover, contents, and others -
30-Mar-2012 Preface Matthews, Peter J.; Spriggs, Matthew
30-Mar-2012 Acknowledgements -
30-Mar-2012 From Mendana to Riesenfeld: Early Accounts of and Speculation on Taro Irrigation in the Asia-Pacific Area Spriggs, Matthew
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