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Publication dayTitleAuthor(s)
30-Mar-2012 From Mendana to Riesenfeld: Early Accounts of and Speculation on Taro Irrigation in the Asia-Pacific Area Spriggs, Matthew
30-Mar-2012 Vernacular Names for Taro in the Indo-Pacific Region: Implications for Centres of Diversification and Spread Blench, Roger M.
30-Mar-2012 Yu Jing (The Book of Taro) Huang, Shengzheng
30-Mar-2012 The Taro Wars of the Austral Islands, East Polynesia Bollt, Robert
30-Mar-2012 Wet Taro Cultivation on Atolls: A Techno-cultural Paradox? Chazine, Jean-Michel
30-Mar-2012 Taro Irrigation and Primary State Formation in Hawai‘i Earle, Timothy
30-Mar-2012 Small Valley Irrigated Taro Agriculture in the Hawaiian Islands: An Extension of the ‘Wet and Dry’ Hypothesis McCoy, Mark D.; Graves, Michael W.
30-Mar-2012 Approaches to Dating Wetland Agricultural Features: An Example from Wailau Valley, Moloka‘i Island, Hawai‘i McElroy, Windy K.
30-Mar-2012 Fluctuation in Colocasia Cultivation and Landesque Capital in Navosa, Viti Levu, Fiji King, Trevor
30-Mar-2012 ‘Certainly the Most Technically Complex Pondfield Irrigation Within Melanesia’: Wet Taro Field Systems of New Caledonia Sand, Christophe
30-Mar-2012 Produce to Exchange: The Taro Water-Gardens on Vanua Lava (Vanuatu), a Social and Sustainable Place Caillon, Sophie
30-Mar-2012 Irrigated Taro, Malaria and the Expansion of Chiefdoms: Ruta in New Georgia, Solomon Islands Bayliss-Smith, Tim; Hviding, Edvard
30-Mar-2012 The Decline of Taro and Taro Irrigation in Papua New Guinea Bourke, R. Michael
30-Mar-2012 Recovering, Analysing and Identifying Colocasia esculenta and Dioscorea spp. from Archaeological Contexts in Timor-Leste Oliveira, Nuno Vasco
30-Mar-2012 Taro Before Rice Terraces: Implications of Radiocarbon Determinations, Ethnohistoric Reconstructions, and Ethnography in Dating the Ifugao Terraces Acabado, Stephen B.
30-Mar-2012 Ethnobotany and Ecology of Wild Taro (Colocasia esculenta) in the Philippines: Implications for Domestication and Dispersal Matthews, Peter J.; Agoo, E. Maribel G.; Tandang, Danilo N.; Madulid, Domingo A.
30-Mar-2012 Irrigated Taro in the Indo-Pacific: Multiple Perspectives Spriggs, Matthew; Matthews, Peter J.
30-Mar-2012 SES no.079; Cover, contents, and others -
30-Mar-2012 Preface Suzuki, Nanami; 鈴木, 七美; スズキ, ナナミ
30-Mar-2012 Idea and Practice of Care Extended by Anabaptist People: Cooperation toward Developing Various Methods of Communication Suzuki, Nanami; 鈴木, 七美; スズキ, ナナミ
30-Mar-2012 The Amish Way of Life in Modern American Society Scott, Stephen E.; スコット, ステファン E.
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